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Lost in the Shadows:
How a Lack of Help Meant a Loss of Hope for One First Nations Girl
Investigative Report
Representative for Children and Youth
février 2014
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Isolated and Invisible:
When Children with Special Needs are Seen but Not Seen
Representative for Children and Youth
juin 2011
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Aboriginal Homeschool Program Helps Parents Become Child’s First Teacher
par Lynn Armitage
Indian Country Today Media Network
novembre 2013
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When Talk Trumped Service: A Decade of Lost Opportunity for Aboriginal Children and Youth in B.C.Special Report
par Mary Ellen Turpel-Lafond
Representative for Children and Youth
decembre 24, 2012
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New Deal for Families promotes truth and reconciliation
par Paul Kershaw
Vancouver Sun, novembre 17, 2011
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B.C. native school a world apart a much better world
par Justsine Hunter
Globe and Mail, avril 12, 2011
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The Aboriginal HIPPY Program – The Empoiwerment of Our Children
Kahtou, juillet 2004
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Preschool literacy program piloted in Vancouver
Raven’s Eye – May 2004, July 2004
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Program gives kids educational foothold
Katherine Dedyna, Times – Colomnist. Victoria, B.C.
mars 23, 2004
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Dr. Ruth gets her mind off sex to promote kids’ program
Daphne Bramham, The Vancouver Sun. Vancouver, B.C.
mai 20, 2004
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Program changes minds, attitudes
Nicholas Riley, Pitt Meadows Times. Maple Ridge, B.C.
novembre 21, 2003
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